Giant Lava Lamps - Big Huge Tall Large Lamps

Are you looking for a lava lamp? A big lava lamp? A really, really big lava lamp, a giant lava lamp? Well, how about one that's 60 feet tall? Oh, sorry, that one's already taken. Besides, the delivery costs are crazy. Next time you are near Soap Lake, WA, make sure you check it out.

Okay. So you are looking for a giant lava lamp that will fit in your house. One that you can proudly display in your TV or family room. Or in half of your dorm room. Imagine how cool it would be to have a giant lava lamp taller than your roommate.


giant lava lamps             


If you want one that big, you can have it. In a large (ouch!) variety of styles and colors. You have the biggest lava lamp in your neighborhood. Actually, lava lamps come in all sizes. Anything above 15 inches or so is considered a giant lava lamp.

Keep in mind that with a bigger lava lamp come some bigger issues. The larger the lamp, the longer it takes to heat up and flow. The 3 foot high lava lamp can take a couple of hours to be fully flowing in all its glory. Add another hour for a six foot version.

Of course, if you're putting a lava lamp in your man cave, it's going to have to be a giant lava lamp. Nothing else will do. A lava lamp is one place where size does matter.

Once a lava lamp finds its way into your home, there is a good chance that it will multiply over time. Many lava lamp owners turn into collectors, ultimately having dozens of lava lamps in various colors, shapes and sizes.

Just like everything else, there are different levels of quality with lava lamps. It's easy to assume they're all the same, but that would be incorrect. The actual chemical composition of both the liquid and the wax are closely held company secrets, just like the formulas to Coke and Pepsi. The different formulas affect how smoothly the lava flows up and down, and now quickly begins to flow when you turn on the lava lamp. So you probably want to check around, read some reviews, and do a bit of homework before choosing one.

Just a word of caution – watching a giant lava lamp can become addicting. There are stories of people who no longer watch their TV's as they find it dull in comparison. And then, there's that guy in Liverpool who stopped leaving his house because he didn't want to miss what was happening with his lava lamp. Never to be seen again. So you have been warned.




There's no escaping the facts: large lava lamps look freaking cool! Big lava lamps add this big, tall, huge mellow glow of color to any space and can often be found on sale online or in specialty retail stores.

One more thing about lava lamps, all lava lamps. They get hot, by design and give off heat. And the bigger the lava lamp, the bigger the radiant surface. Keep that in mind when you decide where you are putting your giant lava lamp, especially if you have pets or small children.

And don't forget the Grateful Dead music.